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9 Tips To Make A Perfect Cup of Coffee




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Coffee, coffee, coffee...oh coffee! We love you so much! We don’t know what we would do without you! You are there to wake us out of our slumber, shake the fog out of our sleepy heads, make the world seem a better place and make even the darkest of days just a little bit brighter.

For some people, coffee is just a drink that they throw down their throats without taking so much as a second to appreciate this magical elixir of life. If you’re reading this, then we guess that you are not one of those people!

For others, coffee is an essential part of their everyday lives; they cherish the moments with coffee, they savour each sip and taste the wonderful flavours this incredible drink offers, and for most, they can’t imagine a day going by without spending a few minutes alone with their favourite drink. We like those people!

At KeaKoffee, we know that everyone has different tastes and preferences, that’s the beauty of humanity, so we don’t believe in trying to tell you how you should enjoy your coffee, but what we do want to do is to tell you how you could enjoy your coffee...just in case you’ve ever wondered if this amazing thing could possibly get any better.

The answer, by the way, is yes, it really can get better!...and we are going to tell you how:

Follow these 9 tips to coffee paradise (right in the comfort of your own home!)

Before we begin, we would like to point out that there are a number of ways to brew fantastic coffee at home, each of them with unique qualities. You could go with a French Press, Pour-Over coffee, or perhaps you like an Aeropress or Chemex, but we will cover more on these another time.

For now, we are only going to be focusing on the classic, good old Finnish favourite, Filter Coffee. So sit back, relax, and get ready to start making the perfect cup of coffee.


Tip #1: Buy Fresh Beans

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Like any other foodstuff, coffee is best when it’s enjoyed fresh. The best way to ensure that your cup of coffee is as fresh as it can be is to buy coffee beans that have been roasted as recently as possible.

Buying from a local roaster (hint, hint!) will not only ensure that you get the freshest beans, but it also helps in supporting your local community. Picking a mainstream, mass-produced coffee offthe supermarket shelves is not a bad thing, but you’re missing out on the beauty of beans that have been roasted just days ago in your hometown. Some supermarkets even stock locally roasted coffee, so be sure to look for them next time you go shopping.



Tip #2: Keep The Beans Fresh

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As soon as you open a pack of coffee, it begins to lose its freshness, so remember to store opened coffee beans in an airtight container. Glass jars, ceramic pots, tin boxes are all good choices as long as they have a rubber sealing that helps keep the air in the container.

Never store coffee beans in the refrigerator as they will soak up moisture and take on the odours of the food sitting around it...and please, don’t even think about freezing your coffee beans!

Quality-conscious coffee roasters will package the fruits of their labour with love in resealable packs just to make your life a bit easier...because we’re cool like that!

Remember to buy only as much as you need for a week per time and keep the beans at room temperature...or just use it all as quickly as you can, then go out and buy more!

Tip #3: Choose Good Coffee

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This goes without saying. If you want to make a good cup of coffee, it helps to buy good coffee!

There is a whole world out there and specialty coffee roasters are always working hard to scan the globe in search of the perfect coffee growers so that they can produce the most incredible coffees.

Different coffees, from different parts of the world offer different experiences, and specialty coffee roasters will have spent hours, days even, just trying and testing varying roast levels and perhaps even different blends of beans to get the exact results they were hoping to share with you.

Some roasters will offer blends from beans that were grown in opposite sides of the planet, or from specific regions of the world. Some roasters will offer beans from a Single-Origin - one farm, in one corner of the world. Some roasters will offer both. Next time you buy your coffee beans, look out for the country, regions, or maybe even the individual farms that the beans came from.


Tip #4: Grind Your Own Beans

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Okay, this is where we may lose some of you, but stick with us here...

The benefits of grinding your own beans are phenomenal! We know that buying a coffee grinder is not cheap, but the investment is well worth it, especially if you love coffee as much as we do.

As soon as coffee beans are ground, they start to lose some of their quality. This is why coffee brewed in a good cafe, restaurant or coffee shop tastes so good, because the beans have just been ground up right before they brewed your coffee and served it to you!

You don’t have to spend your life-savings on a good grinder (although it may help!), you can pick up affordable grinders that still give great results.

The grind size will also affect your coffee experience - finer grinds produce different results than coarser grinds, but this could vary depending on the coffee and depending on your personal tastes.


Tip #5: Use Quality Water

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We’re pretty lucky here in Finland. One thing that our beautiful country has been blessed with is high-quality tap water and we, at KeaKoffee thank the heavens every day for something that most people take for granted.

Tap water that has been chlorinated or has been softened/distilled can ruin your coffee. If you aren’t happy with your water supply, but still want good coffee, then the best bet is to use spring water from bottles or carbon/activated-charcoal filters on your taps.


Tip #6: Don’t Use Cheap Filters

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Yes, another one that involves spending that little bit extra, but opting for “oxygen-bleached” or “dioxin-free” high quality paper filters, rather than the cheap, bulk, “no-cares-given” paper filters will once again yield better results.

Always remember to rinse the paper filter with fresh water to remove any excess paper fibre before placing it in the coffee machine basket.

Tip #7: Measure It Out

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Now listen up because this is important...size matters!

You could choose to just simply measure out about 2.5 tablespoons of ground coffee per 0,24L (8oz) cup serving for a good strength coffee and you will get a decent cup but the results may vary every time.

The best way to ensure a consistent results is to use a set of scales to measure out 15g of ground coffee per 0,24L (8oz) cup serving.

For example, to make 4 cups of coffee, we recommend using 60g of ground coffee per 0,96L water...or scoop 10 tablespoons in to the basket and fill the water up to the 4 cups line.

Tip #8: The Right Temperature

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Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears (you’ve heard that story, right?!) the perfect conditions for brewing coffee are ‘not too hot, and not too cold’.

Using water that is too hot will extract flavours from the coffee that are less than ideal. At the opposite end of the spectrum, using water that is too cold will not extract much flavour at all.

The optimum brewing temperature is around 93°C (200°F), but thankfully, and luckily for you, most home coffeemakers will regulate the temperature as an automatic function anyway.

When the coffee is brewed, it goes ‘bad’ fairly soon after, so try not to brew the coffee and let it sit for too long. We’ve all done it when we’re in a lazy mood or just want a quick cup, but reheating coffee will affect the taste negatively.


Tip #9: Clean Equipment

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So now you have all of the equipment you need and you’ve just made the most insanely delicious, tastiest coffee you’ve ever made at home...but it doesn’t stop there, nooooo! Nothing good in this world comes for free, you’ve got to work for love and that’s exactly what you need to do maintain your new-found relationship with need to clean and take care of your equipment.

Storage containers and grinders need to be cleaned at least once a month to get rid of any oils that may have built up. Perhaps even more important, is cleaning out your coffeemaker. If you don’t have any specialist cleaning products, then you could use a homemade vinegar solution to wash out the machine, but be sure to rinse it out properly before you use it next...otherwise, you’ll have vinegary-tasting coffee...maybe you like that kind of thing but we don’t think so!


So there you have it...9 ways to improve your coffee experience in the comfort of your own home.

In case you are now wondering where you can get high quality, fresh coffee beans or equipment from, KeaKoffee has it all, so check out our webstore, find our coffee on some local supermarket shelves, or visit one of our KeaKafes.


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We just want the world to enjoy great coffee, whether it’s the coffee we roast here atKeaKoffee, or coffee from another roastery, so if you have any coffee-related questions, don’t be shy, just drop us an email:

Until next time, enjoy your coffee...


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