Jordan Wilson


We take so much pride in our craft at KeaKoffee that we don’t really know much else besides... ...KOFFEE!

We dream about it, we wake up thinking about it, it’s our best friend...we’re kinda in love!

We believe that life is found in those seemingly meaningless moments, the moment you afford yourself to sit down and fall in love with a great coffee, for example, so all we want to do is make those moments just that little bit more meaningful.

Since 2015, KeaKoffee have been perfecting the art of roasting incredible coffees by hand in Porvoo, Finland.
The man behind KeaKoffee is Jordan; a guy, from New Zealand, obsessed with a nostalgic sense of the coffee culture in his home country.

It’s this obsession that KeaKoffee prides itself on.

We focus on:

- Sustainability & Positive Environmental Impact
- Ensuring a Fair & Transparent Journey from Farm-to-Cup providing the freshest coffee possible
- Sharing coffee knowledge & skills to help others


    KeaKoffee is our creative expression and reflects all of those people who have been involved along the way to your cup, the Farmers who nurtured the plants, the Roaster who carefully developed the flavours, to the Barista who extracts them.

    KeaKoffee products are available for wholesale, in retail outlets & of course, on our webstore.

    KeaKoffee: Krazy about Koffee

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