We love coffee and everything to do with coffee, we are honoured to have this opportunity to share our excitement and passion for the specialty coffee industry with others. All of our coffees are carefully sourced from farms around the world by a team of extremely dedicated professionals who help us develop strong and sustainable partnerships with the farmers.   

After starting our own successful cafe in 2012 and continuing to run it today, we also understand things from the business owners point of view. That is why we set out on this mission in 2015 to create a specialty coffee roastery which is completely dedicated to helping other businesses achieve great things through coffee.

Our number one goal is to produce amazing coffee that we can deliver to our friends and partners. That isn't all we do though, we have built amazing partnerships with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the coffee industry and packaged up the best selection of products and services possible, all under one roof. If you are starting a new business we can help guide you and share with you the valuable lessons we have learnt along the way. We can help you to lift your existing business by offering coffee education and training courses as well as technical support and service for espresso machines and coffee equipment.

If you feel that we have something to offer you or that you would like to join the Kea family, give us a call on +358(0)40 1245838 or drop us an email info@keakoffee.com and lets discuss your goals and see how we can help you achieve them.

Wega IO espresso machine