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Control the temperature and the time your kettle comes on:


  • Auto start function
  • Displays kettle temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Displays actual water temperature in kettle even after power off
  • Allows user to set and hold water temperature for up to one hour
  • Preset temperatures for the most popular hot beverages
  • Easy Grip handle for excellent pour control
  • 1500W  
  • Retains last temperature settings when power off or unplugged.

We get lots of questions about the the similarity between Bonavita and Brewista.
Brewista Kettle and Bonavita Kettle are both made by the same company.

Here are key similar features:

  • Precision temperature control. Both are accurate to 1c. Making them the most temperature accurate kettles on the market.
  • Both have temperature set points to 1c. Other temperature kettles on the market have pre-set points from 80 -100c. You are forced to choose either 80,85,90,95 or 100c. With the Brewista and Bonavita you can choose any temp from 20-100c in any increment of 1c.
  • Both will hold your chosen temperature for up to hour.
  • Both have count up timer when you remove kettle from base.
  • Both display the water temperature even when the kettle isn't heating.

But! Here's what the Brewista Kettle features that the Bonavita doesn't.

  • Larger 1500 watt element verses 1000 watts. This means faster heating time without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Larger 1.2L capacity versus 1L capacity of the Bonavita.
  • Time on function. The Brewista kettle can be set to come on at time to suit you. Say you get up at 6am and it would be really cool for your kettle to be at temperature when you get to the  kitchen. The Brewista can do this.
  • Thicker gauge of stainless steel. This gives a more quality feel to the product, also helps with heat retention and accuracy.